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Harvest Village | "Oak" Kitchen
Harvest Village | “Oak” Kitchen

Every other headline in Northern Colorado lately seems to be centered around the growth of the local economy, and with it the real estate market. The influx of buyers to the area means escalating price points, and some of those who thought home ownership was within their grasp are beginning to question whether they can make their dreams a reality. Many would-be-homeowners are seeing their dreams moving farther and farther into the future, as they imagine there is no solution for entering the market for the first time.

Luckily for hopeful home buyers, Hartford Homes has solutions. New build homes are often seen as too intimidating by first-time home owners.

Misconceptions  about  the  intricacies  of building a new home, long timelines, and inability to see a “finished product” before purchase often scare away first time buyers. Just a short conversation with Stephanie Lerwick, Community Sales Manager at Harvest Village in Wellington puts many of these concerns to rest.

“Harvest Village is a community in every sense of the word. We are creating a place for families to feel safe, connected, and welcomed. Everything about our process reinforces those values,” says Stephanie. “We offer a great value to people at an attainable price point, and we aim to build homes for people who want that community.”

Harvest Village offers many options aimed at young and growing families, specifically those who are first time buyers. “There are lots of ‘flex spaces’ in our homes, which are designed to serve different purposes for different buyers. For example, most of our models have designated areas that can be easily converted within the construction process from open spaces to bedrooms. This is designed with a growing family in mind as well as those buyers without  those considerations.”

One of the biggest advantages for new construction, and one of Stephanie’s favorite parts of her job, is getting to watch a home built from nothing. “There are no hidden  surprises or maintenance issues that have to be addressed in new construction. What you see is truly what you get. Building new is often intimidating for a buyer, but I think it should be seen as just the opposite. Buyers get to see every board, nail, and wire go into their home and rest easy that there are no unknowns.”

Stephanie also points out that the build process timeline can sometimes mean buyers are able to work on their finances and qualify for homes that they might not otherwise. Working with  Hartford Homes and their preferred lenders, buyers can embark on a financial plan to make themselves eligible for opportunities they may have originally thought impossible. “Come in and talk to me,” says Stephanie. “We can’t always make something work, but a lot of the time we can. I love the opportunity to try to get amazing families who really want to live in our communities a chance to make their dreams happen.”

Harvest Village in particular aims to prove that the dream of a first time home buyer in Northern Colorado is not dead. New construction removes the disheartening threat of a bidding war for a home, allows the buyer to know exactly what they are getting, and to join a community of people similarly committed to a wonderful place to call home.

“There is something so special about seeing a house being built and knowing all of the growing, the experiences, the excitement, and the dreams going into it. It isn’t just a house. It is a future. I love being able to help make those futures happen.”

This article was originally written for Hartford Homes and appeared on page 11 of Real Estate Weekly on Saturday August 15, 2015.

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