Top 5 Misconceptions About New Construction

Deciding to pursue the purchase of a new home can feel like setting off on a course into the great unknown, especially with so many misconceptions about new construction out there.

Hartford Homes prides themselves on being an example of industry best practices, and they believe their model of business addresses some of the most common pitfalls that buyers encounter when building a new home.

1. It takes too long to build.

One of the common worries with new-build homes is that they will take too long to be completed, or that they will not be completed on time. The Hartford Homes team takes their duty to complete homes on schedule very seriously.

“When people ask me how long it takes to build a new home, I tell them it takes enough time to ensure we are adhering to our engineering standards and retaining the integrity of the construction,” says Jonathan Cairns, Director of Customer Care for Hartford Homes. “We have a really streamlined process and we maintain a high level of quality across the board for our buyers.”

What if you don’t have months to spare for a dirt start? Hartford builds homes ahead of time with you in mind that are move-in ready in less than the standard 4 to 6 month window, often times within a month. They also point out the excellent communication between their sales and construction teams. “We don’t usually have an issue with time lines. Our sales teams always communicate well and give buyers a realistic expectation going in,” says Debra Rogers, Sr. Project Manager. “Our process starts in the sales office as the buyer is selecting options for their home, and we don’t waste any time getting things started. We have a plan for the entire build process.”

2. My builder will cut corners.

Cutting corners on quality is one of the major misconceptions about new-build homes. People worry that builders focus on quantity of homes built over the quality of the individual home.
This quality goes deeper than just beautiful finishes and well thought out floor plans, however. “Great builders focus on structural integrity first. We build sound and secure base elements, and make each home the best they can be,” says Cairns. Starting with a solid foundation and creating beautiful homes on this base means a great value for any buyer.

3. All of the best finishes cost extra.

One of the biggest stereotypes is that you have to pay for everything: outlets, lights, counter tops, sinks and more.

Hartford Homes takes the opposite approach. “We pride ourselves on the level of finishes that come in our homes. There is a lot of work that goes into selecting the designs that we provide in our homes. We try to really think about the kinds of people who will be living in each neighborhood and design options around their lifestyle,” says Andrea Howard, Estimator/Project Manager.

4. It requires special financing.

Special financing is not necessary for most new home purchases anymore. With established builders like Hartford Homes, financing is easier than ever because of their relationship with lenders. “We have a really excellent network of lenders in our community, and that helps us keep the most competitive rates and a diversity of programs suited for almost any financial situation,” says Mike Davidson, Director of Sales & Marketing. Long-term partnerships with local lenders means Hartford Homes can provide guidance and connect buyers to resources that will allow them to purchase the new home of their dreams.

5. My house will look like everybody elses.

Cookie cutter houses all in an anonymous row is a major stereotype of new construction, but Hartford Homes is careful to put this stereotype to rest in their neighborhoods.

“We design each of our communities for ‘where it sits’,” says Howard. “The communities are based around the environment they are built, and our goal is to create homes that blend with the landscape and best complement the features of the environment. This means wrap around porches at Harvest Village to take advantage of the views of the Front Range and walk out decks looking over the river at River Run. These homes were designed for these sites.”

Hartford Homes designs communities for the long-term, and projects the vision of what the community will be as it matures. They create a complete infrastructure built to last, and incorporate many different designs and elevations for their homes, so that as the community grows it gains its own unique life. “We aim to create excellent streetscapes,” says Cairns. “We want the whole picture to come together and create a great home for our residents.”

This article was originally written for Hartford Homes and appeared on page 16 of Real Estate Weekly on Saturday September 26, 2015.

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