5 Ways to Decorate a Pumpkin this Halloween

 Don’t settle for the old stand-by method of carving those triangle eyes and toothy smile into your pumpkin this year. We want to help your front stoop be the envy of the neighborhood with these 5 awe-inspiring ways to decorate that pumpkin.

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This is probably the easiest way to decorate your pumpkin. All you need is some masking tape or stencils, some paint, and a paint brush or two. No carving required with this technique, which also means no pumpkin guts to clean up. This is a great way for kids to get creative too since the fear of cutting themselves with knives is eliminated, plus kids have the best imaginations that really come to life when you give them some paint and an uncommon object as their canvas.

Ideas to start you off:

  • Globe or map
  • Name or saying (ex. Home Sweet, Haunted Home)
  • Team pride


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I take back what I said about painting your pumpkin being the easiest way to jazz it up. What is easier than ribbon and tulle?? This is definitely stepping outside the box.


Photo Credit: Anderson and Grant

Try stacking a few choice pumpkins for an original look. Fairy Tale pumpkins are used in this picture and naturally come in those pretty pastel colors and squattier shapes, perfect for stacking. Regular orange pumpkins work great too, especially because they can come in various shapes and sizes that can serve as arms, legs and heads for an even more ghoulish display.

Use craft dowels to secure pumpkins to each other if they don’t want to stack naturally. You can also even out the tops of the pumpkin by skimming the top of it with a large knife to flatten the top after removing the stem.


Photo Credit: Peter Krumhardt for Parents.com

This technique is less for the kids, but puts a new spin on carving. Using a handing drill with the appropriate bit, you can create just about anything your little mind can think up. You can use multiple pumpkins to create this awesome marquee look, or you can just drill random holes all over the pumpkin to create a great effect when the candle lights it up. Use different sized drill bits for a more unique pattern and light effect.

If you don’t have a drill on hand, you can also use an apple-corer!


Photo Credit: Cooking Classy

If you prefer to reap the rewards of your time spent on a big orange pumpkin by displaying it on your kitchen counter to be devoured by your family (or just yourself) then you’ll love this scrumptious, baked pumpkin doughnut recipe. GET IT HERE

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