2015 Holiday Giving Campaign Brings Big Success

This past holiday season we launched our first annual Hartford Homes for the Holidays giving campaign to give back to our neighbors in need in Northern Colorado communities.

There were three different ways to get involved and help support three awesome organizations in the process. The first way, was to drop off cold weather wear and other necessities that would benefit Homeless Gear. The second way, was to post a picture of a completed gingerbread house to our Facebook page and in turn we would donate $25 to Homeward 2020 to support the end of homelessness. The third way, was to purchase a Hartford Home in the month of December and we would donate $500 to Habitat for Humanity of Colorado.

We couldn’t believe the response we got! Not only from individuals in the community, but also from the local businesses who wanted to pitch in and help out. After counting gingerbread houses and stuffing cars full of donations, here are the results of our 2015 Holiday Giving Campaign:



This is only a snapshot of the TWO TRUCKLOADS of donations we gathered for Homeless Gear. We got coats, blankets, hats, gloves, and plenty more things to help our neighbors in need stay warm during these frigid temperatures.



During the month of December, 21 photos of gingerbread houses were posted to our Facebook page, which meant that for every one we donated $25 to Homeward 2020 to support the end of homelessness in Northern Colorado. That means that we will donate a whopping $525 to help support this initiative!

If you haven’t been following us on Facebook to see all the works of art families have been posting, check out the gallery here.




We were lucky enough to make 5 families happy homeowners for the holidays which means that Hartford Homes will donate $2,500 to Habitat for Humanity so that they can continue to put roofs over the heads of deserving families across Northern Colorado.


We couldn’t have done it without the help and support from our local partners who not only helped spread the word, but also gathered loads of donations from around Northern Colorado:



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